The name Phoenix Gear was chosen becuase of what the Phoenix symbolizes - to rise from the ashes and emerge from a catastrophe stronger and more powerful than before. The story of our company was forged in the fire of tragedy, but we desire to offer hope that has risen from those ashes

The Phoenix Gear Team


Phoenix Rising

May 23, 2017. I wasn’t in the states when it happened, I don’t remember the news reports. I don’t remember having to rush to the scene. I was actually out of the country. Walking through the streets of London with my family. I got a text from my brother asking if I could talk. Even now there is a strange weakness that comes over me thinking about that moment. I told him I needed to get to an area I had a signal and I would FaceTime him. A few minutes later I got back to our hotel and I FaceTimed my brother. The backdrop seemed strange when I saw him. Not something I was familiar with. A cold white background, almost sterile. And then my sister came into view. I immediately knew, at that moment, something was wrong. It’s hard to explain. There is a connection between siblings that you just know. My brother proceeded to communicate a vague situation in a very delicate way. It wasn’t that he beat around the bush about what happened, he just didn’t want me to know everything until he knew he could be there for me. And then the words came “dad is gone”. Everything else is a blur. Like a flash of bright light and a deafening silence… The madness of London was all around and I couldn’t see or hear anything.

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Riders! May 6th, this is going to be a great ride for a great cause. If you are available show your support and ride!Our incredible vendor list continues to grow for our season kickoff bug run, bike blessing, new Taco bar, music, merch deals, door prizes, the reveal of our fiery eyed smoke breathing Dragon and the grand smack daddy prize-a night stay with a $50 gas card at Dragon City!!Sneak peeks coming your way soon!Interested in being a vendor? Ten bucks gets you in front of hundreds of riders and drivers for the day. More info at:, Dream Rides of Tennessee, Company Distilling, The Marine Corps League, Mission Phoenix, Dragon CityGarza Law Firm - Knoxville Attorney, ... See MoreSee Less
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It’s coming!!! The official Mission Phoenix “Volunteer” shirt. Who is ready!?!? Let’s Gooooooo!! Big🍊 Tag a fan! ... See MoreSee Less
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