The name Phoenix Gear was chosen becuase of what the Phoenix symbolizes - to rise from the ashes and emerge from a catastrophe stronger and more powerful than before. The story of our company was forged in the fire of tragedy, but we desire to offer hope that has risen from those ashes


Silent Battles

Silent Battles: Understanding PTSD Among Veterans and Their Stories When we think of veterans, we often picture heroes who have returned from the front lines, adorned with medals, and celebrated for their sacrifices. However, there’s a silent battle that many veterans face, one that often goes unnoticed: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this blog post,

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Please remember to talk to your neighbors before you light off your freedom crackers. It could make the difference in their life.Honoring Our Heroes: A Heartfelt ContrastAs we gather to celebrate the freedoms our veterans fought so valiantly to protect, let's take a moment to recognize the profound contrast that defines their experience. These brave men and women faced the horrors of battle, risking everything for our liberty. Yet, upon returning home, many carry invisible scars—wounds that are often reopened by the very sounds of our celebrations.Fireworks that light up our skies, symbolizing freedom and victory, can be painful reminders of the explosions and gunfire they endured. The cheers of joyful crowds, which echo the liberty they secured, can trigger memories of chaotic battlefields and fallen comrades.This Independence Day, as we revel in our hard-won freedoms, let us also honor our veterans with compassion and understanding. Acknowledge their sacrifice and the complex realities they face, even in peace. Reach out, offer support, and create a community that respects their service and heals their wounds.To all our veterans: thank you for your courage, your sacrifice, and your unwavering dedication to our freedom. We celebrate you today and every day.#HonorOurHeroes #Veterans #FreedomAndSacrifice #SupportOurTroops ... See MoreSee Less
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